Governance & Welfare

Asfordby Fc is registered charity, affiliated to Leicestershire FA

Asfordby Football Club Ltd: Registered in England No:08389317   Registered Charity No:1170417

Asfordby Football Club is run as a charity, regulated by the Charities Commission through the framework of a ‘not for profit’ company limited by guarantee.

The aims and objectives of the charity are to provide sporting opportunities to young people in the community of Asfordby and surrounding areas. The charity is controlled by trustees who are also Directors of the Company for the purposes of fulfilling the fudicery duties of operating the football club. All trustees and directors are volunteers and receive no pay or expenses for their time. In line with the Charities Act 2016 should the club be unable to operate or to maintain 5 trustees, the assets of the club would become liable for distribution to other charities within the area.

The site known as Asfordby Acres, is rented by Asfordby Football Club Ltd from The Melton Town Estate, the football club has asked for and received Community Asset protection, preventing the land being sold or passed on without first refusal and public enquiry.

Asfordby Football Club is affiliated to Leicestershire FA, who govern all aspects of our participation in football activities. This includes, but is not limited to match discipline, child welfare, insurance and coach training.


Our Child Welfare Commitment

Asfordby Football Club ¬†have a dedicated Child Welfare team led by proactive professionals to ensure a safe environment for all. Our CWO’s are on duty on match days, regularly attend training sessions and are responsible for providing up to date guidelines and training to our club officials, managers and coaches. They also do a great job speaking to players around issues concerning diversity, anti-bullying and their responsibilities within a team environment.

Players and parents are encouraged to take any concerns they may have to the Welfare Team, who have been trained to deal with sensitive issues in a confidential pro-active manner. They also have access to further resources at Leicestershire FA should the need arise.

Want to Join The Club?

Whether you would like to join one of our teams, become a coach or volunteer your time in any other capacity, please contact us, we would love to hear from you and we will deal with your enquiry quickly and efficiently. Thank you!